[Rhythmbox-devel] suggestions for development.

First off, the obligitory: I love what you folks are doing - rhythmbox is
great software.

Here are some usability suggestions that ya'll might care to incorporate:
1. In the alphabetic sorting of artists in the Library, words like "The"
"A" and "An" should be ignored. Eg, "The Beatles" files itself under B
rather that T
2. Automatic playlists act funny when it comes to track numbers. Eg, I
have a Bob Dylan collection that I use an auto-list for easy access to.
I can't tell where the track numbers are taken from, though. Certainly not
the ID3 tags. I think track number needs to distinguish between a position
in the playlist and a record from the id3 tag. That way, one can sort the
list (oh yes, sorting these lists by column: Name, Artist, Album is
non-existent here) into coherent albums properly.

Maybe i've been using iTunes too much, though: these are functionalities
I've been used to with that particular software.

Great work guys: keep it up!

-- amdc

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