[Rhythmbox-devel] patch: corba bindings for volume + seeking and more


I've added a patch to bug 145327, that extends the original patch in the
bug with the following corba methods :

                void toggleHide ();
does a gtk_window_(de)iconify.

                void toggleMute ();
save current volume, sets it to 0, or restores previous volume.

                float getVolume ();
                void setVolume (in float vol);
                void volumeUp ();
                void volumeDown ();
get and set the current volume, plus convinience methods that change it
+/- 0.1.

                void skip (in long offset);
seek in the current song by 'offset' seconds.

The patch also adds commandline arguments to access all of these (except
hide, forgot that one) plus the rating of the current song.

I'm currently writing a small daemon using irman that uses these to
control rhythmbox (with power on/off toggling the hide). For my next
project, I'm looking at bindings to somehow scroll in playlists/artists

Oh, and thanks for a great mp3player, it makes me happy.

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