Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Ipod Integration Questions

On mer, 2004-01-21 at 20:04 -0800, Matt Jones wrote:
> Hi - 
> Does the Ipod integration include things like autoplaylists, ratings and
> most recently played? I know the gtkpod code can handle ratings and
> recently played, but I'm not sure about autoplaylists (that dynamically
> update during usage, such as "Highest Rated") or saving the On-The-Go
> playlist.

Does the iPod support autoplaylists? I'm not using playlists much on my
iPod, so they are not handled at all by the current integration code.
Things might even break badly if you create a playlist with rhythmbox
and try to add files from the iPod to it. 
The only thing that works currently is proper loading of the iPod
library, and detection of whether an iPod is plugged in (read "mounted")
or not (through crappy polling). I want to get that merged with the main
branch before looking at other issues.

> Ipod integration for rhythmbox, plus gnome-volume-manager / dbus / hal /
> udev (look at rml's blog) auto-launch of rb for syncing is going to
> rock, thanks so much for developing such a great program.

Syncing is far from being there yet ;) Btw, if anyone knows of any doc
describing how iTunes knows which songs should be synced to the iPod,
please let me know.


> -- Matt

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