[Rhythmbox-devel] ipod integration first impressions

I got the latest RB working with gstreamer cvs et al.  Thanks for all
the help.  

I am very excited about the ipod integration, and was eager to get
things working so I could test it out.  I just have a few thoughts about
the state of the ipod integration.  If any of this is in the works and
just not implemented yet, just let me know. 

- The directory detection works very well and everything plays
seamlessly. Really nice job.    

- the ipod source appears to be there all the time, irrespective of
whether or not /mnt/ipod is mounted or indeed even present. Is there a
way to make it appear when /mnt/ipod is mounted?

- there is a new ipod tab in the main preferences dialog.  I'm not sure
if this is just a placeholder for more to come or not, but the browser
view seemed like an odd choice for that.  I would think that the global
browser view would be sufficient.  I know that DBUS and HAL are ideas
for auto-detecting hardware events and things, but maybe in the
meantime, a configurable mount point at which to look for the ipod
mounting might be useful.    

These are just some things I saw the first time I used RB with the ipod.
Very cool.  Thanks again.


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