Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] removable media support [was: ipod support]

Responding to myself one more time here ;)

In my ideal world, how this would work is we'd have a menu item or
button in the preferences like "Add removable media source...".  This
would pop up a nice dialog with a graphical list of your currently
attached media (and not mountpoints like /media/ipod).  Adding the ipod
could even work this way.

You could then simply click on it, and Rhythmbox would add that icon to
the Sources list, and let you edit the name (like how adding a new
playlist works now).

The above would probably be implemented by querying
gnome-volume-manager's library, which in turn would use HAL and D-BUS.

Now, on the Rhythmbox end, what would happen is a new RhythmDB type
would be created for that source, and a reference to the media would be
stored (perhaps the mount path, but maybe g-v-m could provide a more
abstract reference so we could identify the device even if the mount
point moves).

Then, you'd just scan the files on that mount point similar to how
rhythmdb_add_uri works - we'd just need add a type argument.

One open question is whether you should see the files on the removable
media in your library or not.  Definitely you should be able to add it
to playlists - so we'd need to add an argument to the playlist source to
have it query for the new type.

Now, on startup, we query for which of the removable media devices is
available; if they're not, we use the new _delete_by_type function to
remove them, and then grey-out the source.

Also, g-v-m should provide a way to monitor for unplug/plug events, so
we can re-query the device when it's plugged back in.  

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