Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Larger Buffering option

On Fri, 2004-02-06 at 01:25, Eric Larson wrote:

> The feature that
> would be the most effective is allowing the user to make the amount of
> content downloaded before starting the stream larger. 

To change the buffer size, what you need to do is set the max-size-bytes
property on the queue element in player/rb-player-gst.c.  In order to
allow the user to configure this, you should add a gconf key, say
/apps/rhythmbox/iradio/buffer_size.  Then get this value inside
player/rb-player-gst.c, and use it to set the property.

> I would happy to try and work on a solution to this problem but alas I
> am not much of a hacker and I do not really know where to start or if
> there are issues that have not been considered. I do hope I can
> contribute to Rhythmbox and this is definitely the itch I would like to
> scratch if at all possible. 

The above should be about 5-10 minutes of work - let me know if you have
trouble, and I can help out.

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