[Rhythmbox-devel] Larger Buffering option

I wanted to let you know a frustration I have with most players that
applies to rhythmbox. The issue has to do with the buffer size when
playing streaming content. I really do not understand how all these
things work from a development standpoint so if I am missing something
please let me know. 

The Problem: I have a media server running gnump3d so I can listen to my
music at my school/office/etc. The problem is this computer has a very
slow upstream since it is only a residential dsl service. When I try to
listen to a song in a player, the player often times does not buffer
enough of the song to play the entire song without stopping. In other
words the player does not allow enough of a head start of content before
catching up, forcing the player to fill up the buffer again and stopping
the fluidity of the stream. 

The Solution: I do understand that no amount of buffering is going to
make my upstream faster but that is not the point. The feature that
would be the most effective is allowing the user to make the amount of
content downloaded before starting the stream larger. This would cause
there to be large gaps inbetween songs but beggars can't be choosers and
I would rather have a song play all the way through correctly than have
it skipping and sounding slowed down. 

I would happy to try and work on a solution to this problem but alas I
am not much of a hacker and I do not really know where to start or if
there are issues that have not been considered. I do hope I can
contribute to Rhythmbox and this is definitely the itch I would like to
scratch if at all possible. Thank you for the great software and
listening to an end user (and hopefully contributor).

Eric Larson

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