Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Patch proposal: Show album cover as icon nextto the song tiltle

There is a windows program called Tag & Rename that I used for a short 
time to download cover art from It gave you the option of 
saving it as a file, saving it in the tag, or both. I use the latter 
method to store cover artwork.

> Does anyone know how many people actually use this?  If we were actually
> going to support it, we'd need to add it to RBMetadata, and therefore
> GStreamer and/or monkey-media.  

As far as I know, most programs that display cover art look for a 
cover.jpg but I'm not sure if they look for other file extensions.

> Do people store album covers in any other way?  Would renaming the
> covers to cover.{jpg,png} be a problem? 

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