[Rhythmbox-devel] Kind of bug in rhythmbox


I am sending this email because i think that rhythmbox has some kind of
bug or something like that. 

When I am searching folders for audio files in rhythmbox, on my media
library, it starts a infinite loop and never gets out there. After a bit
of research i found out that if rhythmbox, while searching files in
folders, finds a file that is not a audio file (i.e. thumb.db or
Desktop.inf or any type of jpeg) it stops reading files. 

Normaly people have pictures of album's covers inside the same folders
that mp3 files are. If rhythmbox is unable to detect if a file is a
audio one or a picture on this makes it hard to work. I don't know if
this supose to happen but it would be great if you change this (use
pipes to run 'file' and detect the response. i think this is the
simplest solution that you can get).

Keep up the good work!

Artur Ventura
adfv mega ist utl pt

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