Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Kind of bug in rhythmbox

On Sat, 09 Oct 2004 12:07:39 +0100, never understimate radicalvision
<adfv mega ist utl pt> wrote:
> When I am searching folders for audio files in rhythmbox, on my media
> library, it starts a infinite loop and never gets out there. After a bit
> of research i found out that if rhythmbox, while searching files in
> folders, finds a file that is not a audio file (i.e. thumb.db or
> Desktop.inf or any type of jpeg) it stops reading files.

The same issue was addressed a week or two ago on this list.

IIRC it is something to do with gstreamer and not rhythmbox that
causes this so upgrading to the latest gstreamer release (I don't know
what the current one is at the moment, my system upgrades haven't
gotten that far yet ;-) should fix it.


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