[Rhythmbox-devel] import/play bug?

first, thanks to everyone on rhythmbox team for all the efforts on this app!

now, the bad news. there seems to be some intermittent bug with the
way rhythmbox handles file-import, dbase management, and playback.

scenario: earlier this weekend, i loaded several thousand music files
and created 7-8 playlists. so far, so good. however, the music files
themselves are on an external drive that i do not always mount.
yesterday, someone sent me an audio file which i opened in rhythmbox
WITHOUT having the external drive mounted. result: rhythmbox a) loaded
the new file, and b) WIPED OUT my existing rhythmbox database files:

- rhythmdb.xml was replaced with ONLY the data for the new file
- playlists.xml was reduced to a list of my existing playlist names
(ie, all file name and location data associate with the lists was

  <playlist name="foo"
internal-name="&lt;playlist:1102079125:694308&gt;" type="static"/>
  <playlist name="bar"
internal-name="&lt;playlist:1102233795:898859&gt;" type="static">

this morning, i have not been able to replicate this problem
(reloading some files into rhythmbox, different configurations of
mount/unmount of drive, etc.). in other words, rhythmbox seems to load
without eradicating, etc. however, i have had this problem a few weeks
ago with rhythmbox -- and simply try to remember to never start it
without having the external drive mounted. obviously, this is not
always what i want.

anyway, it might be worth looking into.

actually: does rhythmbox create playlist backups somewhere else? (i
spent a LOT of time creating those playlists with the intention of
making music CD presents for my nieces.)

(i'm running version 0.8.8 under debian, if this makes any difference.)



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