[Rhythmbox-devel] Keybindings conflict with gtk_key_theme


 Rhythmbox has a lot of keybindings, and some might conflict with the
 gtk_key_theme feature.

 The most popular gtk_key_theme is probably emacs, where you get
 emacs-like keybindings in all text input widgets in gtk apps, and one
 keybinding in emacs-style gtk_key_theme is ^E which should does
 end-of-line.  Sadly, ^E is used for SoundJuicer in rhythmbox, hence
 ^E key presses are intercepted prior to acting like they should.

 I think there is a fundamental problem here, and I see no obvious
 solution.  Do you have an advice on this?  It seems like gtk_key_theme
 is deprecated in GNOME (removed from the gnome-keybinding-properties
 capplet), but I couldn't find anything relevant on this.


PS: I'm new to the list; I searched the archives, but sorry if I've
missed a post on this topic.
Loïc Minier <lool dooz org>

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