[Rhythmbox-devel] LAST_PLAYED's type.

I'm in the middle of adding 'Last Played' to the smart playlist dialogue. The dialogue itself was the easy part. The hard part has come with dealing with RHYTHMDB_PROP_LAST_PLAYED. The source, as far as I can tell, treats RHYTHMDB_PROP_LAST_PLAYED as G_TYPE_ULONG (see examples like lines 1703-1705 in rhythmdb.c and its presence in rhythmdb_entry_get_ulong () in rhythmdb.h).

However, in getting the smart playlist to query the database, I'm triggering a number of assertions regarding LAST_PLAYED's type, all of which can be worked around by adding cases for G_TYPE_LONG. I've been unable to pinpoint precisely where the type is getting switched.

Any ideas as to why I might be encountering this? Is adding cases for G_TYPE_LONG the right way to go, or should I be making a more strenuous effort to find where LAST_PLAYED is picking up a sign?

Alex Goddard
agoddard at purdue dot edu

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