[Rhythmbox-devel] RFE: Potty Mouth Flag & Web Access

Great job on RB everyone. I have two requests for

1. Potty Mouth Flag. I have a lot of music and it
would be nice to be able to play only "clean" songs
when guests come over (ie. blacklisting). Otherwise I
have to create playlists of clean stuff (ie.
whitelisting) which is more time-intensive. 

2. Web Access. There's a cool thing called "Otto" (see
cardhouse.com) which allows you to request/program
music via a web interface. This means music isn't
"trapped" on one system but can be accessed by any
system on the network whether via icecast or just
through the sound system of the computer with the
music on it (ie. for a music system in a house for
instance). Even if RB didn't feed stuff to Apache (for
instance) could two RB instances talk to each other?
Ie. local RB can control remote RB or make reqeusts etc.

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