Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] RFE: Potty Mouth Flag & Web Access

On Aug 22, 2004, at 7:48 PM, Jon Oberheide wrote:

On Sun, 2004-08-22 at 18:41 -0400, Brad Barnich wrote:
On Aug 16, 2004, at 5:25 PM, d p wrote:

 could two RB instances talk to each other?
Ie. local RB can control remote RB or make reqeusts etc.

That is a feature that I would like to see also. RB is great for
storing a whole bunch of music and sending off to a stereo, the only
problem is to select a song I have to run back to wherever the serving
computer is. Imagine setting up a small linux box next to your stereo.
Then from any machine (maybe even a PDA) in your house you can browse
your library and queue up a few on to the 'master' playlist. Like
iTunes, 'look but don't touch' idea combined with what AirTunes should
have been.

X11 forwarding over SSH should do the trick.

What about a built-in solution that just requires the other machines to have RB.


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