Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: [ques] convert itunes.xml to rhythmdb.xml?

Frank Schulze wrote:

i tried your converter from itunestorhythmbox, but i didn´t get anything
back after uploading my 492k libary.xml.bz2 file...there always comes a
blank browserwindow after uploading...what´s the problem?

OK, I've withdrawn the web pages, and put this instead:

It's a command-line PHP script that takes either an iTunes Library XML file or a rhythmdb.xml file as single argument. Output is redirected to STDOUT, so if you want to store it into a file, say, foo.xml, do this:

$ rdb Library.xml > foo.xml

Of course, the rdb.bz2 file needs to be unpacked first (bunzip2 rdb.bz2), and requires PHP (the php binary must also be in your path). It hasn't been tested much, but seems to work.


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