Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [ques] convert itunes.xml to rhythmdb.xml?

Mike Schroeder wrote:
is there a way to convert my existing itunes library (library.xml) to
something that rhythmbox can understand so all my ratings, play
counts, etc will stay intact?

[Sorry for the dupe, I first replied to the sender by mistake.]

OK, I just coded this:

Compress your iTunes Library file with bzip2, upload it
(Library.xml.bz2), and you get a bzipped rhythmdb.xml file.
Then bunzip it, replace every occurence of "/mnt/c" with the directory
where you mounted your windows partition, and move it to

I can't publish the code yet, since a lot of the code I used isn't
public yet. Maybe later. I guess this is better than nothing :-/

I have to recompile my kernel with NTFS reading support in order to test
if rhythmbox works fine with the generated xml file, so there's no

Tell me if it works for you!

By the way, while my code is far from perfect, I think I can say without much doubt that the guy who conceived the DTD for iTunes' Library xml either doesn't know much about XML or doesn't care. It's a pain to parse, and takes none of XML's advantages. It's just a serialization of a multidimensional array. I would expect better from Apple...
By comparison, the rhythmboxdb DTD makes much more sense and is waaaay easier to parse, IMHO.


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