[Rhythmbox-devel] OGG Custom field tags and rhytmbox

Hi everone.

I'm currently working on a AudioCD ripping tool, and I have decided to use
custom tags and encourage my users to get their genres & styles from
allmusic.com (which I found thanks to rhytmbox :).

I sent a message to this devel some time ago wondering if rhytmbox would get
support for such tags, or searching/organizing through any tag (ideal).

I'd still like that in rhytmbox, but as for now theres one thing I could do to
make my produced files more compatible with your system: set a
number-of-tracks tag on the albums.

However, as I have no songs with that track set (I see in rhytmbox it is
possible to have) I would like ot know how you have named that tag.

Also, if anyone decides to build support for multiple genre/style tags, please
contact me so we can work out a standard for naming them (would be really
silly if I made it one way and you guys the other, and we both en up with
noting >_<)

Thanks in advance, Jonas Lihnell

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