Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] rhythmbox is great

On Sat, 2004-04-10 at 10:07, Ricardo Quesada wrote:
> Hi,
>  Rhythmbox is great! 

Cool, glad you like it.

> For example, I told RB to import 2 directories where I have my music.
> These directories are always changing. 

I've just implemented file monitoring in our 0.9 branch.

> Files are added, deleted,
> renamed, etc. If I tell RB to scan these directories again, it will
> import the files again (duplicating it, and preserving the deleted ones,
> etc).

That will currently happen if you have symbolic links around.

> Some features that would improve the user expirience:
>   . Be able to edit id3 tags.

It's being worked on.

>   . Be able to open RB with the esd backend and gnome-sound-properties
> enabled (ouch! this is really annonying!)

There's nothing we can do about this bug, unfortunately.

>   . Some .mp3 are not imported (!?)

Could you put those MP3s up somewhere?

>   . Some files can't be drag & droped from library to a playlist.
>     For example, this name seems to have a problem:
>      "01Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstr - Let's Call The Whole Thing.mp3"
>     But not this one:
>      "01Ella Fitzgerald - Let's Call The Whole Thing.mp3"
>    (it is not the '&' because it work with other files with '&')
>    The file can't be d&d but I receive no error at all.

It works fine here.  Is there anything useful when you run with --debug?

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