[Rhythmbox-devel] rhythmbox is great

 Rhythmbox is great! *The feature* I love from RB is the "search panel".
The "search panel" is everything. I would use other player if the
"search panel" wasn't present in RB.

Yes. I love the "search panel".

Ok, but RB is far from perfect. Although having a "search panel" is
great for user expirience, it lacks other features that would make RB in
the best player ever :)

For example, I told RB to import 2 directories where I have my music.
These directories are always changing. Files are added, deleted,
renamed, etc. If I tell RB to scan these directories again, it will
import the files again (duplicating it, and preserving the deleted ones,
etc). This is very annoying!

It would be nice that RB autodetect new files, renamed files, deleted
files, etc. That would be *great*!

I want RB to be my database of music :)

Some features that would improve the user expirience:
  . Be able to edit id3 tags.
  . Be able to open RB with the esd backend and gnome-sound-properties
enabled (ouch! this is really annonying!)
  . Some .mp3 are not imported (!?)
  . Some files can't be drag & droped from library to a playlist.
    For example, this name seems to have a problem:
     "01Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstr - Let's Call The Whole Thing.mp3"
    But not this one:
     "01Ella Fitzgerald - Let's Call The Whole Thing.mp3"
   (it is not the '&' because it work with other files with '&')
   The file can't be d&d but I receive no error at all.

I saw some bug reports, and some of the answers where that it was a
gstreamer bug. I really don't care if it is a gstreamer bug or not. The
problem is that is affects the user expirience of RB :-(

Continue improving it!

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