[Rhythmbox-devel] [REVIEW] First time assistant

OK guys, I'm back from vacation and Italian translation of GNOME is
quite finished. So it's time to make rb better :->

I belive we are not in string or UI freeze, isn't it?


First page
        This page should explain what rb is and the role of the
        assistant. Remember that it's the first time user
        launch.Actually it's really poor :-(
Second page
        I belive is important explain here how the library works. Plus I
        think is better choose between:
        	( ) Scan all my home (it can be take a long time)
        	(*) I've a music dir, scan only this one
Third page
        This is only a waiting page, while rb is scanning dirs and
        building library. As user I prefer to have it here then after
        launching main window. It's the assistant to iniziale the
        library: inizialize it here!
Last page
        By by from the assistant, plus how to add other music to library


So, finally and IMHO, current assistant is not so helpful. OK, you can
add a directory to library, but you have to know what the library is and
how it works. We need to make it a little simplier and helpful to new

Cause I know that is better a mochup the 10000 words, there is an
attached glade mochup :-)

There are some other stuff to note:
      * a strange hseparator under buttons
      * I'm not sure that window titles fit HIG, but I'm too lazy to
        rerun it

PS jimmack, a good watermark for the first page, pleeeease!!!

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