[Rhythmbox-devel] Playback problem

I doubt that this belongs here, but I wonder if I could 
get some tips here about what is the right forum and what
info I should add to the report.

Every once in a while, (approximately every 20th song) 
Rhythmbox playback will sound unbearably tinny.  But if I jump 
to the next song all is well.  I don't even have to go to the 
next song.  I can just hit Pause and Play and the same song
continues sounding good.

My library consists mostly of .ogg files so this is where I
have experienced the problem.  It may be that I would also 
have the problem with mp3s, but the problem doesn't occur
on demand so it is hard to say.

Are there any experiments I could perform or debug messages
which I could be trapping?


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