Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] thoughts on 0.5.2

[Are you on the list, by the way?  If so I tend to prefer not CC'ing if

On Wed, 2003-09-03 at 01:33, Zack Weinberg wrote:

> Glad to hear.  I am not terribly familiar with arch but if you have
> something ready for beta test I'll be happy to give it a try.

There's no GUI for it yet, I'm still writing the commandline testsuite.

> Yes, I'm using the Debian packages of 0.5.2.

Ok.  Actually I was building .debs of the latest arch tree to test the
Rhythmbox build process before release.  You can grab an i386 .deb here:

> What did you think of my suggestions for icon-click actions?

I honestly am just going to punt on it until the usability team comes up
with a coherent recommendation for the notification area.  Right now I
feel consistency is the most important, and a number of applications do
behave like Rhythmbox 0.5.1 (and as 0.5.3 will).

I think your suggestions are quite reasonable though (to give you a
direct answer).

> This *might* be selfcontained enough that I could attempt it myself,
> except I don't know anything about the gstreamer architecture.  Pointers?

Probably you'd have a replaygain plugin which would emit a signal or
something when it found a replaygain header, and then an app would hook
that up to the volume element in the pipeline.  Or something like that.
Your best bet is to ask, or join

> These are nice and general but I'm not sure how one could possibly
> make them work with a giant playlist.  Do you have any ideas?

I'd just like to make making playlists so easy that you just do it a
lot.  So you would never really play from your giant playlist - you'd
instead set things up on a temporary playlist.

> > "never play this track again" => delete from library, you can always
> > re-add it later if you change your mind
> The trouble is finding it again in a 2000-track pile.
> Maybe this should be handled through the rating system - shuffle play
> ignores anything with a rating of 0, perhaps.

There's been some discussion of the shuffle play picking songs you've
rated higher more often, I think that makes some sense.

> Good question.  The first thing that comes to mind is, you choose to
> sort on a particular column by clicking on its header, so why not have
> shift-click on another column mean 'and then sort by this one too'?
> There might be something better, but this strikes me as workable and
> discoverable, particularly if columns can be reordered.

I think this is something that isn't really specific to Rhythmbox, and
should just be part of the regular GtkTreeView widget or something.

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