[Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox 0.5.88: "Interregnum"


This is a special GNOME release team Rhythmbox preview release. 
*Please* don't announce this release on news sites or the like yet; that
should wait for 0.6.0.  People looking for a taste of the Rhythmbox
future but afraid to try building from arch/CVS are also welcome to try
this release.

So as you know, the Rhythmbox team hopes very much to fulfill our
long-term goal of being included with GNOME.  It's been a goal since
before GNOME 2.2, and I think we're really, finally almost ready.

However, the current schedule for new module releases this week is
slightly out of sync with our expected 0.6.0 target; we expect 0.6.0 to
be at least another week, maybe two.  It's quite close now, but some
bugs remain, and we have a commitment now to extremely polished releases

We do feel though that the current development version is quite usable. 
So, for the purposes of evaluating Rhythmbox for inclusion in GNOME, you
have several choices.

1) Try the well-worn 0.5.3 release.  This is used by a large number of
people and it has bugs, but it does largely work.

2) Try this 0.5.88 release.  This release has some new bugs, but it also
gives a major speed boost, a number of sexy new features, a cleaned up
UI, and more, in addition to being a massive rework of the Rhythmbox

3) And of course, you can always try the latest arch/CVS version.

So, without further ado:


Your comments, questions, bug reports, and especially changesets are
appreciated! :)

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