Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox 0.5.88: "Interregnum"

Colin Walters wrote :

> This is a special GNOME release team Rhythmbox preview release. 

It's very nice! The playlists are now much more obvious to create and use
(I actually never tried all the way before, as I got confused...), although
there seems to be a little polishing to do :
- Sliding some selected songs from the Library (with a specific artist
selected) to a new playlist made them disappear from the Library listing
until I selected a different artist and select back the previous one.
- Creating a new playlist with "Artist contains FOO"  doesn't add the files
which have the specified artist... or I'm missing something.

Overall, getting better and better while staying simple and intuitive. The
speed increase (even with "only" 500 songs) is noticeable and everything
seems to be running fine with the xine backend for now.

Keep up the great work!

Clean custom Red Hat Linux rpm packages :
Fedora Core release 0.95 (Severn) - Linux kernel 2.4.22-20.1.2024.2.36.nptl
Load : 0.30 0.35 0.49

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