[Rhythmbox-devel] Tagging Issues

I am not sure if this is a known issue with RB or gstreamer but sometimes the way RB reads mp3 and ogg tags is really messed up. 

Since RB can't edit tags of music files I use either xmms or easytag to tag/retag my files. Most of the time the tags show fine in RB. But 

1. Sometimes RB can't even read the tag of a file and thus does not even list the file, even when xmms and easytag can read it.

2. And other times it can read a tag of a file, but its not the tag that xmms or easytag reads.

These things only happen for a very few of my files, but it is really annoying to not have your favorite song show up in RB, and have to play it in xmms.

Are these known issues, and what could i do to work around them? Is there anyway to remake the tag in a RB friendly format? Also, what tools do people sugest for taggin/auto-taggin music files? 

-Also, I wished RB would look for new songs in imported folders. Right now the only way to refresh the songs list, is to manually import the directory again.



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