Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox roadmap

On Mon, 2003-10-13 at 16:31, Sriram Ramkrishna wrote:

> You'll need to tell me again how to download from arch. :/ I tried the
> instructions from a previous message but the arch get didn't work after I
> registered the repository.  I better look at the arch tutorial again.

Check out the development web page:

> > 
> > The major bugs blocking 0.6.0 are:
> > 1) property browsers don't refresh after deletion
> > 2) doing an "All" query should be faster
> I"ll see what I can do about 2.

Cool.  Basically the way to do it is to keep around a cached copy (be
sure to g_object_ref it) of the query model used when there is no
genre/artist/album/search query, in RBLibrarySource.  The tricky thing
is to check to make sure that the sorting hasn't changed, and if it has
you need to dump the cached copy and store a new one.  

> I'd like to help on this.  I've been thinking of other ideas for smart lists
> that I want to address.  One of them is adding constraints to smart
> playlists.  Since getting my pocket pc I've been really missing a feature to
> be able to constrain a playlist by a certain size.  So if I want to copy a
> set of songs randomly by a certain genre, I want to also add a constraint
> that the size not be say 256MB.  Then I want to be able to export this list
> to any device I want to.

Yeah, that's something a smart playlist should be able to do.

> One feature thats missing is the ability to just copy songs on a playlist to
> somewhere.  This should not be hard with gnome-vfs.  But I think it's
> something I want to work on, on a private branch. ;)

Like if you drag a playlist icon from rb to nautilus or something?

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