Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] multiple songs per file support in library

On Sun, 2003-10-12 at 17:15, Dave Collett wrote:
> Hi all,
> A recent post posed the question of supporting flac + cuesheet files,
> there was not much respose in that thread. My question is of a more
> technical nature.

I'm certainly not opposed to it if it can be done in a clean fashion.

> Can any of the developers out there comment on whether this is possible
> using the current framework?

It is not going to be trivial at least.  One problem is that in the
current code, each location (URI) is required to map to exactly one
RhythmDBEntry (which represents a song or internet radio station).  
You could get around this by creating your own URL scheme for accessing
chunks of the file, e.g.:


>  From my brief look at the library code it
> seems that when an RB_LIBRARY_ACTION_ADD_FILE event occurs, one new
> RBNode is created and added to the library, this node represents the
> song right?

That code is completely revamped in the latest sources, and I strongly
suggest you work from those :)

> All this happens well before the file type and metadata is looked up.

In the new sources the node is created and the metadata set at the same
time (in one atomic chunk).

So you'll need to have flac-stream-info-impl.c (which reads metadata)
understand your URL scheme, and monkey-media-player-gst-tmp.c will also
need to parse it in order to seek to the correct location.

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