[Rhythmbox-devel] Errors in Rhythmbox on FreeBSD


  I have installed Rhythmbox from Ports on FreeBSD 4.9-PRERELEASE. I am
using gstreamer as opposed to xine currently--the default. At the
moment, I cannot think of any special options I gave to 'make.' However,
I currently receive two errors which are preventing playback.

The first occurs when I attempt to play an .mp3 (I am fairly certain the
file type is not an issue here, though):

	Error: osscommon: Unable to open /dev/dsp (in use?)

The second occures when I attempt to play Radio:

	Error: Failed to create spider element; check your installation.

In brief, I do not know what to check in my installation regarding
either of these errors. I have been a Linux user for over three years
and recently switched over to try BSD. /dev/dsp is a familiar
device--er, familiar in that I know it is used in relation to enabling
sounds to emanate from the six speakers attached to my soundcard. I have
actually never run into a situation where I needed to mess with it in
three years' time. However, I wasn't quite aware that BSD even used
/dev/dsp, because as I have taken a bit of a look, and had to configure
my sound setup, I have not found any implied use of or dependence upon
/dev/dsp. Further, the 'osscommon' seems to be a Linux implementation as
well, since--again, as far as I can tell--FreeBSD does not use OSS.
Though I may be quite incorrect.
   Concerning the spider element, I again draw a blank. I did not find
anything that suggested setting up a spider element, although this could
be the fault of the Ports collection not informing me of special options
which are necessary to build. I do not know if any of you use Rhythmbox
on FreeBSD, but would appreciate any instruction or pointing to some
detailed documentation--I am rather adept at reading. I did a bit of
searching in the mailing list archives, though turned up nothing. It
could perhaps be the fault of the search terms I employed. I apologize
if this is the improper place for these questions.

Robert G. Waycott

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