Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Errors in Rhythmbox on FreeBSD

On Sun, 2003-10-12 at 08:35, Robert G. Waycott wrote:

> The first occurs when I attempt to play an .mp3 (I am fairly certain the
> file type is not an issue here, though):
> 	Error: osscommon: Unable to open /dev/dsp (in use?)

Are you running ESD?  It might be using /dev/dsp.  Try switching to
esdsink.  If you have the gnome-media package installed, you can run
"gstreamer-properties".  Otherwise use gconf-editor, and set

> The second occures when I attempt to play Radio:
> 	Error: Failed to create spider element; check your installation.

This sounds like a problem with the FreeBSD port; installing Rhythmbox
should ensure the GStreamer spider element is installed.

> [...] -FreeBSD does not use OSS.
> Though I may be quite incorrect.

If it doesn't, your best bet is probably to ask on the GStreamer list
what output plugin you should use on FreeBSD (or maybe someone else here

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