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On mar, 2003-10-07 at 16:44 -0400, Colin Walters wrote: 
> On Tue, 2003-10-07 at 05:12, Luca Ferretti wrote:
> > No panic, please! It's just a review: to make it better, not totally
> > different :-)
> Thanks.  I have thought the menu has sucked actually for some time, and
> your proposal was very good.  I've implemented it now on the arch
> mainline, soon to be synced with CVS HEAD.
Well, I'm not so happy about "Playlist" sub-menu.

What do you think about an epiphany-bookmark like behavior? I mean: 
      * Remove Music -> Playlist -> Remove 
      * Remove Music -> Playlist -> Rename 
      * Delete playlists, songs, iradio using Edit -> Delete (when a
        playlist is selected, see ephy in Topic/Bookmark management) [1]
      * Add a (simple) playlist properties page, with just a "Name"
        entry and # of songs or Edit -> Rename... entry 
      * Add the trash icon to Edit->Delete
So we can move "New pl" "New sm pla" "Load" and "Save" to Music menu.

Note that we'll need a Playlist -> Properties action to change smart
playlists criteria, so...

PS: Music -> Quit don't work in HEAD
PPS: Library popup menu (in source list) still use old "Add to ..."

> >         * Use GnomeHRef for artist and album - we don't need new widgets
> >         and we need to show that they are links to users. 
> Ok.  If you could file a bug about this, that'd be great.

> >         * Use more descriptive tooltips for buttons - 
> >         s/Play/Start playing 
> >         s/Previous/Go to previous song 
> Done.
mmmhh "Click once to restart current song, twice to go to previous song"

> >         * Use only one "show_browser" key for library and radio? I mean:
> >         if you choose to show the browser, it will be showed in both
> >         library and radio.
> Hmmm.  I kind of like how they're separate now.  I don't have a
> particularly strong opinion though.
Me too, 

> >         [...] You
> >         can't use the library when it's refreshing. See glade
> I agree that the progress bar isn't entirely beautiful, but I would be
> against preventing people from using the library while it's refreshing. 
> For people who have network disks or whatever, this could be slow, and
> it would be nice if they could play music while that's happening. 
> Likewise for adding music to the library.
Oh, yeah.... We can hide it when the library is loaded. I don't think it
could be against HIG no-disappearing-stuff idea.

Or a separate dialog for refreshing, see glade attach


[1] There is one trouble for this behavior: Simple theme use the same
color for all selected items in all lists, so you can't distinguish
what's currently selected. Please compare Simple and Crux themes and

So probably we need a confirmation dialog to remove playlist and iRadio.

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