Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] [REVIEW] Main window

On Tue, 2003-10-07 at 05:12, Luca Ferretti wrote:
> No panic, please! It's just a review: to make it better, not totally
> different :-)

Thanks.  I have thought the menu has sucked actually for some time, and
your proposal was very good.  I've implemented it now on the arch
mainline, soon to be synced with CVS HEAD.

>         * No more growing!!! The heigth of this area should be fixed,
>         or, better it shouldn't change from stopped to playing status.
>         This is a note from some people in Italian GNOME community, and
>         from myself too.
>         Prob a GtkNotebook with hidden tabs and bevel is a good idea,
>         but some themes use a different bg color for notebooks pages.

I agree.  It's just a little tricky to implement.  If there isn't a bug
open for this, there should be.

>         * Use GnomeHRef for artist and album - we don't need new widgets
>         and we need to show that they are links to users. 

Ok.  If you could file a bug about this, that'd be great.
>         * Use more descriptive tooltips for buttons - 
>         s/Play/Start playing 
>         s/Previous/Go to previous song 

>         And, yes, add a comment to Shuffle and Repeat checkbox too.


> -- Side pane 
>         * "Better" icons in Source list - OK they are scaled from 48x48,
>         I know. So we need some new ones. IMHO 24x24 is a really good
>         size. I'll send some draft later

Sounds like a good idea.

>         * Tooltip for search entry

>         * Use only one "show_browser" key for library and radio? I mean:
>         if you choose to show the browser, it will be showed in both
>         library and radio.

Hmmm.  I kind of like how they're separate now.  I don't have a
particularly strong opinion though.

>         * Tooltips for shuffle and repeat

Yep, done.

>         [...] You
>         can't use the library when it's refreshing. See glade

I agree that the progress bar isn't entirely beautiful, but I would be
against preventing people from using the library while it's refreshing. 
For people who have network disks or whatever, this could be slow, and
it would be nice if they could play music while that's happening. 
Likewise for adding music to the library.

>         * Don't use bold for time - Unuseful convey.


>  BTW personally I
>         like the iTunes way to display those infos. The size info (xxx
>         MB) is important: it can help you when you want to burn CD!!! It
>         should be explained somewhere in iTune website.


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