[Rhythmbox-devel] [REVIEW] Main window

No panic, please! It's just a review: to make it better, not totally
different :-)

        * File menu - IMHO is really strange to have a File menu in an
        application that DON'T manage files. We want hide fs under id3
        tags, but we are using the word (and so the concept) 'file' in
        the UI. From HIG: "If your application does not operate on
        documents, give this menu a more appropriate name". 
        IMHO the old "Organize" was good. "Music" is really better, see
        next and glade attach
        * Music menu - Why not "Control"? Please note that you can
        control music playing from this menu, plus we have already this
        menu un gnome-recorder and gst-player and we can extend to all
        multimedia/player apps (i.e. Totem. Hadess, are you hare?). So
        every users will know that play/pause/other item are here in
        every apps [BTW please use icons from gnome-icon-theme stock,
        don't include in package[
        * File menu items - swithcing from File to Music, IMHO is more
        comfortable use something like
                Import from file...
                Import from location...
                Import CD...
                New Playlist
                Load Playlist
                Save Playlist
                Delete Playlist
                New Radio Station
                Quit (close should be for document based apps)
        See glade for mor details
        * Edit menu - Note that "Select None" is wrong for HIG. It
        should be "Deselect All" 
        See glade attach for details
-- Play area

        * No more growing!!! The heigth of this area should be fixed,
        or, better it shouldn't change from stopped to playing status.
        This is a note from some people in Italian GNOME community, and
        from myself too.
        Prob a GtkNotebook with hidden tabs and bevel is a good idea,
        but some themes use a different bg color for notebooks pages.
        * Use GnomeHRef for artist and album - we don't need new widgets
        and we need to show that they are links to users. 
        * Use more descriptive tooltips for buttons - 
        s/Play/Start playing 
        s/Previous/Go to previous song 
        and so on. Oh, I belive it's important use a good tooltip for
        Volume control. Something like "Change the music volume": it's
        not an explanation, but you can argue that it's a music only
        And, yes, add a comment to Shuffle and Repeat checkbox too.
-- Side pane 
        * "Better" icons in Source list - OK they are scaled from 48x48,
        I know. So we need some new ones. IMHO 24x24 is a really good
        size. I'll send some draft later
-- View pane

        * Tooltip for search entry
        * Use only one "show_browser" key for library and radio? I mean:
        if you choose to show the browser, it will be showed in both
        library and radio.
-- Statusbar

        * Tooltips for shuffle and repeat
        Is not useful have it here all time, at least in library and
        playlists, I didn't use rhythmbox for iRadio. I belive, if we
        are using only when we are not playing something, that it can be
        moved in play area, in them same place of "From - by -". You
        can't use the library when it's refreshing. See glade
        * Don't use bold for time - Unuseful convey. BTW personally I
        like the iTunes way to display those infos. The size info (xxx
        MB) is important: it can help you when you want to burn CD!!! It
        should be explained somewhere in iTune website.
Think bigger

			My uncle


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