Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] status

I just built the CVS tonight, hopefully I'm not missing too much from
the arch tree.

Colin Walters wrote:
> * Sorting

Holy smokes dude. The difference is like night and day. Awesome!

> In light of how fast --mainline is progressing, I'm considering just
> skipping 0.5.4 and going straight to 0.6.0.
> So, opinions/comments/questions?

I agree with Douglas on this. I've been playing with it for about an
hour and I think the performance improvements with the library are worth
skipping a 0.5.4, and 0.5.3 isn't really too bad in the meantime.
Although I've only been playing with it for a short time it feels much
snappier and I haven't had any crashes with it so far. (I had one X
crash but I don't think it was rb related) In fact it feels like at the
rate it's improving that you're already well past the hump to get a .6
out the door.

Is anyone else running rb on a 2.6 kernel? In case anyone is wondering I
haven't had any issues with rb/gstreamer with it so far, it's a great
combo. :)

2 cents from a clueless rb fan. :p


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