Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] status

On Mon, 2003-10-06 at 12:16, Mike Rhodes wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm new here, so just let me give a quick intro on my Rhythmbox usage. I 
> just got 0.5.3 a few days ago. From what I have seen it looks like it 
> will be a great app once the rough edges are ironed out. A nice simple 
> UI with real power, just what I like!


> Does this mean that you can have playlists built on queries like:
> Artist Contains "the darkness"
> Filename Begins //myfriendspc/music
> and other such goodness? That would certainly rock!

Yep, exactly.

> Another idea I would put forward is to have a special playlist called 
> Currently Playing which allows you to build up a quick playlist without 
> having to create a permanent playlist. Say I just feel stressed and want 
> a quick chillout I just search for a few bands and then hit an Enqueue 
> button and they get placed in the Curently Playing list. Like a scratch 
> pad for playlists. Just makes it a little quicker to start listening!

I would like something like this too.  The question is exactly what form
the UI would take.  I don't know where we'd put another button, and even
if we had room it would kind of feel like a kludge.  

Maybe we will need to go to a multi-toplevel-window paradigm, so you can
just drag and drop.  But that brings with it its own complications...

> Much of the music in my library is stored on network PCs that go on and 
> off etc. quite often. As it stands, the refresh process stalls when it 
> tries to refresh these folders (mounted via samba). I guess this is done 
> differently in the new version as it seems to have a different 
> architecture. 

Well, currently it doesn't do any refreshing at all :)
But once it does, it will probably be much like the previous way.  How
do you think we could improve this?

> Also when a music file on a non-existant share plays, 
> there is an error message which halts playing of other music. A silent 
> failure mode here would be good, which just skips the file and plays the 
> next.

Yeah, a few people have requested that.  It shouldn't be too hard at all
to make rb_error_dialog_nonmodal and use that in error_cb in

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