[Rhythmbox-devel] status

Hi everyone,

So it's only been about a week since the rhythmdb branch was merged into
the mainline, but things have been pretty rapidly falling into place on
--mainline/CVS HEAD.

* Legacy RBNode importer
Most importantly, I've completed the legacy database importer.  This
involved some pretty ugly code (especially for handling playlists), so a
lot of testing for it would be good.

* Sorting
In keeping with the whole don't-block-the-UI philosophy, I also totally
rewrote sorting; now it is part of the query.  This means you get the
same incremental display goodness when you sort in various ways.

* Playlists
Playlists have also landed as of last night.  They're now completely
user-orderable.  The infrastructure for smart playlists is also mostly
there; we just need a GUI to create the query, and some
serialization/deserialization for queries to/from XML.

* Major things as yet unimplemented/not working right:
** Refreshing the library on startup
** Status display
** New Internet Radio Station
** Entry deletion

The status display is a fairly tricky problem, since we have a number of
threads, and various things of differing priority can be happening at
the same time.  Entry deletion is also not easy, although I spent a lot
of time while designing RhythmDB trying to handle it, so I think it
won't be too terrible.  The other two (library refreshing/new iradio
station) should be easy.

* Annoying but lesser bugs I haven't had time to track down yet:
** The Last played time seems to get set to the startup time
** On startup, entries are often displayed twice in the list
** The song length display seems to be about 3x what it should be

All of the above bugs shouldn't be too hard for someone looking to cut
their teeth on the new code.

In light of how fast --mainline is progressing, I'm considering just
skipping 0.5.4 and going straight to 0.6.0.

So, opinions/comments/questions?

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