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I'm new here, so just let me give a quick intro on my Rhythmbox usage. I 
just got 0.5.3 a few days ago. From what I have seen it looks like it 
will be a great app once the rough edges are ironed out. A nice simple 
UI with real power, just what I like!

Colin Walters wrote:
 > * Sorting
 > In keeping with the whole don't-block-the-UI philosophy, I also totally
 > rewrote sorting; now it is part of the query.  This means you get the
 > same incremental display goodness when you sort in various ways.

Excellent - takes a while to sort my playlists right now =)

 > * Playlists
 > Playlists have also landed as of last night.  They're now completely
 > user-orderable.  The infrastructure for smart playlists is also mostly
 > there; we just need a GUI to create the query, and some
 > serialization/deserialization for queries to/from XML.

Does this mean that you can have playlists built on queries like:

Artist Contains "the darkness"
Filename Begins //myfriendspc/music

and other such goodness? That would certainly rock!

Another idea I would put forward is to have a special playlist called 
Currently Playing which allows you to build up a quick playlist without 
having to create a permanent playlist. Say I just feel stressed and want 
a quick chillout I just search for a few bands and then hit an Enqueue 
button and they get placed in the Curently Playing list. Like a scratch 
pad for playlists. Just makes it a little quicker to start listening!

That is probably a really bad description, but I can go deeper if it 
sounds interesting.

 > * Major things as yet unimplemented/not working right:
 > ** Refreshing the library on startup

Much of the music in my library is stored on network PCs that go on and 
off etc. quite often. As it stands, the refresh process stalls when it 
tries to refresh these folders (mounted via samba). I guess this is done 
differently in the new version as it seems to have a different 
architecture. Also when a music file on a non-existant share plays, 
there is an error message which halts playing of other music. A silent 
failure mode here would be good, which just skips the file and plays the 

I'd be happy to test any thing on the network front or help in other 
ways. I would code, but my uni course is proving to be damn hard this term!

Other than that, Rhythmbox is looking good. Best of luck with it.

     Mike            |

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