Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Jorn V's Luca (Was: Resuming a week of hardmochuping)

Il gio, 2003-05-15 alle 11:26, MArk Finlay ha scritto:

> >      1. The best is label on left, checks on right, so we can use the
> >         label to show menu item's tooltips
> >          ___________________________________________________________
> >         | 45 songs, 34:23 total                  []Shuffle []Repeat |
> I woluld disagree with this. The status is showing the status of the
> song list which is on the right, so it makes sense to have the status on
> the right. Also the shuffle and repeat controls make more sense to me
> vertically below the play controls.

True. Just a wrong analysis from myself. Sorry.

BTW, from iTunes website/behavior. I think it's important to show #,
time AND size of currently loaded songs: so you can quickly view if you
can burn them on a CD or you have to remove someone or you can add a
couple!!!! iTunes add a "Size" column to list too.

> > --> Add Special Action Button 
> I think it's better to remove it. It may look cool, but i'd prefer to
> have a good "Tools" or "Actions" menu. The major problem with the old rb
> was menus changing between sources. I think that having a button doing
> the same would cause the same problems, confusions and frustrations.


> > In there are some assembled windows using all previous
> > mockups/ideas. I like all them (and all plausible variations using
> > legoland stuff): I can't choose one :-(
> These all "make sense" from a design point of view, and they are more
> symmetical than jorn's latest (e.png) which I like. But they do lack the
> browser toggle which I'm told is very important and I tend to agree. I'd
> love to see if you can fit that in somewhere without destroying the
> symmetry.

Boh. I don't know. Yeah, browser toggle is useful.... as well as special
action button :->

IHMO browsing is an useful and well placed feature only in library, and
I don't think users can need to browse a playlist or an AudioCD: I can
resort it by album or artist if I need to 'organize' info about it.
Follow me: I'm looking a playlist with a lot of song from different
artist, songs are sorted in a mix way (i.e. I know there are more then 4
songs from Ramones, but I remember only one in the middle, one in the
end. I want find them) and I want to know all songs in playlist from one
artist. Do I need a browser? I don't think so, 'cause I can use the
search entry and/or lists header. Library is based on artist -> album
idea, playlist don't.

So, finally, I need the browse toogle only in library view. And I can
simply choose View -> Browser, freeing space in main UI and, more
important, removing a 'disappearing' widget

This is my taste. What do you think?

> I'm really not sure which one of these I prefer. I REALLY don't like the
> lack of symmetry in Jorn's one, but I'm not mad about how big the
> toolbar area is in Luca's. But on comparing them Luca's toolbar isn't
> really that much bigger than Jorn's one, it just feels bigger because
> the source list is a lot lower.

In my mind it isn't a toolbar. It's display + controls, as in real
devices. I like it a little big, so you can understand/see quickly
maximizing window too. 

(Yeah, I've to admit: it come from my audio car stereo :-))

> At the same time, There is not doubt in my mind that Luca's would be A
> LOT easier to use for the new user, and probably the experienced user
> alike. It has three clearly defined areas. You can look at it an
> instantly know what everything does. 

I'm happy :-) This is the main idea :-)) So it seems to work :-))) 
well, at least for you... Now I should ask to the famous John User.

Think bigger

			My uncle

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