Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Jorn V's Luca (Was: Resuming a week of hardmochuping)

Il gio, 2003-05-15 alle 21:20, Jorn Baayen ha scritto: 
> tor 2003-05-15 klockan 11.26 skrev MArk Finlay:

> > 
> > At the same time, There is not doubt in my mind that Luca's would be A
> > LOT easier to use for the new user, and probably the experienced user
> > alike. It has three clearly defined areas. You can look at it an
> > instantly know what everything does. 
> I find it pretty stressing to my eyes actually.. all widgets
> concentrated with all different reliefs and frames and colors and font
> sizes.. and I find my eyes dancing around the top area (multiple
> 'layers' of controls vertically, just like when reading text, it makes
> your eyes skip up and down) whereas for some reason with mine they can
> just stare at it and see everything at once without having to move the
> eyes around.. (one layer..)

True. Some font stuff aren't useful, just for fun. Take a look to
"Variated UI" thread, there is a 2 layers only example.

Besides, except display, there are just four used widget:
play/pause/stop button, prev/next buttons (OK, 2, but conceptually work
like one), volume slider and search entry. I think users can quickly
learn where they are placed (muscle memory!!) so they don't need to
rescan window every time.

Actually I've in mind something like

|                           |
| Display + controls        |
|                           |
|                           |
| Source manager (lists)    |
|                           |
|                           |
|                           |
|                           |

where the top area is something like (using corners for controls  and
center for display)

|XXXX     __________      XXXX|
|XXXX    |          |     XXXX|
|        |          |         |
|XXXX    |__________|     XXXX|
|XXXX                     XXXX|

and it's like a lot of real devices, so I think it's very simple o
understand (well of course bevels (--> controls) should be well

> > It would be great if we could compact the toolbar slightly, but even if
> > we couldn't i still think that Luca's is probably a better look to go
> > with. Usability IS what gnome is all about after all.
> Sure, usability is what really matters - though consistency is important
> too. And I personally wouldnt use an app like that purely for aesthethic
> reasons..

Sorry, but you are wrong. People choose a lot of stuff only following
aesthetic reasons (mobile, car, girlfriend...). Note: I'm not saying
mochup of mine is cool, your sucks, so we have to choose mine.

I'm saying that people typically don't care features, but follow their
instinct: ignore it is bad, everywhere.

When someone goes to buy a mobile, he don't can/want try if menus are
well and logically placed or if key pressing is good balanced and so on.
He follow only brand ("Oh, it's a Nokia. It's better then
Ericsson/Siemens/Sony/...") and shape/color/size ("Oh, this mobile is
like the last Gucci's collection. It's so 'fresh'!").

Or remember gmc vs nautilus. Initially nautilus was very crack and slow
and bin, but everybody love it. Now nautilus is well balanced: no custom
stuff and no long opening/browsing times. But it keep its coolness.

Think bigger

			My uncle

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