Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] album covers

Il mer, 2003-05-14 alle 17:44, Jorn Baayen ha scritto:
> Hi,
> I think it would be nice support album covers in one way or another,
> because it's fancy but above all it provides a very easy way (imho) to
> find the album you're looking for. At least from the CDs I have I know
> the covers pretty well, and I 'read' them much faster too than the album
> titles. 
> I do not think we should include the album cover in the playing area or
> osmething, because it would not fit the theme often, be big, ugly, and
> also useless there. However, maybe thumbnails in the album view would be
> nice.. although they'd probably have to be fairly small.. and look
> inconsistent with the artist browser. Hm, so we need something else.

mmhh something like View -> Cool view? Choose it and enable
visualization plugin, spectrum analyzer and the the album cover near
song's name....ok, it's totally mad....

But, hey, it's stuff for, at least, rhythmbox 0.7 :-)

> Another thing that just occured to me - should we include a horizontal
> scrollbar under the two browser windows, so that you can snap-scroll to
> the left to see the genre view? I quite often I wish I had that myself,
> since I'd love to use genre.. just not all the time since it easts too
> much space.. and I kinda hate going to prefs just for using it once.

Just a question: do the width of each list come from its contents, or
it's 'fixed'? 

I think that it can became ugly, but yeah, I've to wait that someone
implement it...

Think bigger

			My uncle

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