[Rhythmbox-devel] album covers


I think it would be nice support album covers in one way or another,
because it's fancy but above all it provides a very easy way (imho) to
find the album you're looking for. At least from the CDs I have I know
the covers pretty well, and I 'read' them much faster too than the album

I do not think we should include the album cover in the playing area or
osmething, because it would not fit the theme often, be big, ugly, and
also useless there. However, maybe thumbnails in the album view would be
nice.. although they'd probably have to be fairly small.. and look
inconsistent with the artist browser. Hm, so we need something else.

For limited album collections it is actually much easier I think to have
one browser window (instead of two levels as we have now) with an album
cover image + artist name + album title. 

Maybe we could provide two browser modes, the 'simple' one, and the
current one? I'm not sure.. suggestions?

Another thing that just occured to me - should we include a horizontal
scrollbar under the two browser windows, so that you can snap-scroll to
the left to see the genre view? I quite often I wish I had that myself,
since I'd love to use genre.. just not all the time since it easts too
much space.. and I kinda hate going to prefs just for using it once.


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