Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] yet another new mockup (meta)

I'm making a habit of this...

On Tue, 2003-05-13 at 22:46, Jorn Baayen wrote:
> tis 2003-05-13 klockan 02.03 skrev James Kahn:
> > I think it should be present in the playlist UI, but am not so sure about the 
> > main library view.  The meta-button is a brilliant idea and should be used 
> > (I've never seen iTunes, was it taken from there?).
> But why should it be present? I mean, the whole point of toolbar etc is
> to include commonly used actions..
> just for the kick of having something spiffy like a 'meta button' is not
> a reason imho. Yes, it was taken from iTunes - and that might lead to
> problems as well, since it's what they market and xtunes got a cease and
> desist letter because their app was too similar.

It's not just for kicks - it's to avoid altering the UI each time you
change views.  Present a consistent front for the users.  Instead of
having different buttons appear and disappear in different places, have
the differing functionality all contained in one button.

> > Hmm.  I view rb as what you could think of as a music environment - playing 
> > music from various sources, rip it from CDs, put it on to CDs, and potentially 
> > putting it on and pulling it off portable devices (eg iPod).  netRhythmbox does 
> > a fine job of playing music now - rb should become so much more.
> Sure, I agree. But it's primary focus should be playing music imho, the
> rest are maintainance tasks - not everyday music playback things, and
> thus should not be in the main player ui imho.

Not every day - hmm, I tend to rip a couple of CDs a week, and would
burn one every few days if I had the functionality.  I used to burn them
quite often in Windows when I dual-booted, but at the moment there is no
decent interface for doing it in ((GNU/)?Linux|GNOME).

> > I also like the volume button.  It saves space.  There are so many different 
> > volumes - master, PCM, amplifier, speaker - that having it visible all the time 
> > is not really necessary IMHO.
> (those are system volumes and will never ever be in rb)

Which was my point =)

- James.

James Kahn <>
James Kahn <>

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