[Rhythmbox-devel] YAUP

I just tried to send this with the files as attachments, but was told that was naughty - sorry.

Check http://liet.net/images/rb/ for the files.  It's on a 128K link in New Zealand so it won't be the fastest.

(Yet Another UI Proposal).  Of course, it's my favourite so far - hey, I
made it.

- Shots have both text and no text for meta-button
- No show browser toggle.  This should be in a menu as it only makes
sense in the library view.  IMHO UI consistency is important.
- Shuffle and Repeat are both toggle buttons.  The ability for repeat to
affect one/all should be a pref.
- Meta-button should be present in all views, IMHO.  Of course it's
functionality and Icon/text will change to Rip, Burn, Capture Stream,

Also check out the glade project to make sure it works with your theme -
I'm a glade novice.

If I get flamed about posting all these attachments I won't do it
again.  Honest =)


James Kahn <james@liet.net>

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