Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] yet another new mockup (meta)

Ok, I guess we all agree now that the meta button ought to go away (I
still think the CD source view should have a quick button to rip all
tracks though). But I don't really like this iTunes-like search
position. :/
For one thing, the caption really shouldn't be _below_ the input box...
That would be a HIG violation and a quite uninspired one. :) It doesn't
really look good either IMO and certainly not "gnomish" (FWIW). 
I still prefer Jorn's latest suggestion without the meta button but
still with the search bar. I also think that the browser expander is
something useful that fits very well on the searchbar as it's probably
mostly used when searching for something. 
I agree that your mockup looks more "symetrical" but it also leaves much
less room for further adjustments... I don't think we should cramp it
that much at any cost. If someone doesn't need the whole browser/search
thing, he could toggle it away from the view menu and get an even
cleaner interface. Make it toggable via a shortcut (like the locationbar
in Nautilus) when it's disabled and this would even be a reasonable
choice for advanced users.


(Hooray for Evolution mail recovery!!)

On Tue, 2003-05-13 at 17:01, MArk Finlay wrote: 
> I've made up a mockup to address some of these points and other things
> that bothered me. Don't forget "Less is more". Good Ui design is about
> removing things not adding them ;)
> > Volume has nothing to do with play/prev/next and therefore shouldn't be
> > grouped with those buttons. Besides that volume is a preference.
> I agree to an extent but refuse to put it on the status bar cus that's
> just horrible. It may not be perfect but it's current position is the
> best i think.
> > Show/Hide browser is a preference too and has nothing to do in the middle
> > of my window. I'm managing songs in that region of the window, not
> > appearance.
> Agreed - I was thinking about it and some poeple like the browser and
> some don't but it's not something that the majority of people are going
> to want to toggle regularily so should be left as a preference in the
> view menu. And if there is some small amount of users who want to toggle
> it regularly then they can use the key binding.
> Removed in my mockup
> > And the slider isn't long enough.
> Count yourself lucky it's there at all. Also it's very easy to be
> accurate with it using the keyboard.
> Also I've removed the meta-button. Thinking about it:
> * It's confusing without text but text is going to be extrememly
> impossible when trying to translate it.
> * Create Playlist and Create smart playlist should be avaliable
> from all sources as it is a function related to the source browser and
> that is always visable.
> * Burn should work in both the library and playlist
> * No reason why you should have to be looking at the audio cd source
> to rip it.
> All in all I think that using a meta-button is going to be problematical
> and inflexible.
> I've moved the search back up to the toolbar. I really don't like having
> that area at the top of the library browser. I think it really takes
> away from the overall symetry of the program and it confuses the
> toolbar.
> I really don't think that anyone is going to be confused by having the
> search on the toolbar.
> The only issue remaining is those checkboxes. Some poeple really don't
> like them. I'm not too bothered by them but would be interested if
> anyone has a better idea that doesn't clutter the toolbar. Personally I
> wouldn't mind having them removed totally as i never use them - just
> leave them on all the time.

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