Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] new mockup

Note: Emerging from lurk mode for a moment.

This is the only UI I can really claim to really like at the moment.  It 
has all the features I think are necessary, but lacks the fluff, etc. 
The bevel looked odd and seemed uncomfortable to me (sorry about the 
unclear adjectives, I'm not a UI expert, just a user).  This seems to be 
the most clear and "to the point" UI I've seen.  I like the checkboxes 
at the bottom left.  I know you could use buttons, but I think that 
approach would be much leass clear, especially to a new user and these 
take up less vertical space.  This seems balanced w/ the play control 
buttons and the search bar on the top, and the repeat/shuffle checks and 
the info on the bottom.  Maybe my love for architecture is coming out 
(talking about buildings, this time, not software), but I would love to 
use a media player designed like this.

Also, to note, I hate the idea of skinned media players and just want 
something that works, is "usable" with a decent sized media collection, 
and fits in with the rest of my environment (Gnome) so I don't have to 
learn yet another application.  I don't want to have to flip through all 
the menus and prefs to get it to work "right" with the rest of what I 
have to use.  I want to build a playlist, tell it to play, and then 
start working, which means hacking Python or writing papers in my case, 
but I'm a student.

Can't say I've tested it, but I gave up on geeky chock-full-o-prefs UIs 
a while back and have better things to do than tweak this and that left 
and right.  I just want my stuff to work in a sensible and consistent 
manner.  I'd be happy to play with it and report back if someone 
actually built it and I think , from looking at it, that I would enjoy 
it as my primary music player.

--Mike Messmore

MArk Finlay wrote:
> On Sat, 2003-05-10 at 19:18, Jorn Baayen wrote:
>>tried to solve some of the problems..
> Still has search in the source area and status at the top :(
> I merged in one of Daniel's ideas and came up with the attached shot
> The only problem is that i haven't worked out where to put the
> meta button. But it does have the following benefits:
> * No mental bevel
> * Keeps detailed info about current song
> * Search on the toolbar
> * nice checkboxes for repeat and shuffle. As daniel says,
> reduces confusion having both action and toggle buttons. Also
> is clearer and saves us toolbar real estate.
> * Status on bottom - nicer and lets us have a status bar ala
> net-rb.
> I think it looks one of the cleanest so far
> oh wait, also needs a volume button, damn, I'm too tired,
> will post it anyway.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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