[Rhythmbox-devel] This must be getting tired interface proposal

Just a thought on the design of RB:

*	Have a mood selection instead of a playlist. You could select a 	 
Party mood or a chill out mood.
*	Moods would derive from sources or other moods. Sources would 		 
include All, AudioCD, internet radio or a folder.
*	You can select to include or exclude something from a mood.
*	Moods would have selectable sorting orders. Like if you select a 	song 
it gets half way (or a quarter of a way) closer to the top. 	And if you 
skip a song it gets sent back by a fixed amount.
*	Then you can run queries to find a song.

PS. Jorn mr finnst a mjg skemmtilegt a sj slenskan lagalista  
tnlistarforriti og san komast a v a  srt a reyna a lra 
slensku og forn slensku.

Olafur Arason.

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