Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] blaat.

> But, anyway, I think I'll retire from rb hacking for some time. I've had
> enough of it for now, especially with all this forking madness, maybe
> I'll be back hacking in some months. Just not now.

Whatnow? No funky new UI on the way? You seemed to be getting so close.
I personally think that walters should not have imported net-rhythmbox
and it should not be concidered a "fork", it should be the rhythmbox
stable branch.

I think the shot you posted has great potential, and I think that it is
possible to merge radio, cd, playlists, and library into one coherent
and easy to use interface.

I feel however that If you stop hacking on rhythmbox then no one will
and net-rhythmbox will stay forked and we'll never have a good all
purpose player. You've done a lot of great work, and I understand if you
want to move on, but I think that you have been working on this for so
long, you deserve the satisfaction of getting rhythmbox to a state that
you are happy with, and we seem so close.

> Oh, and walters, would you mind using a different list for netrb? And
> perhaps a different IRC chan too? There's been quite a lot of useless
> netrb spam on the list today.

hmm, I can see that you are annoyed at walters, but sepporating
net-rhythmbox and rhythmbox irc and mailing lists is only going to make
the forking issues worse. Plus #rhythmbox is more about who is there
than what is talked about. 3/4 of the stuff we discsuss has nothing to
do with rhythmbox.

We love you man,
The irish hippy has spoken

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