[Rhythmbox-devel] Lazy user wishes... delete from disk & tagging


sorry for posting feature wishes/ideas without working at the
implementation or offering money, but anyway- here they are:

* 'Delete from disk'- this would be very handy addition to the context
menu, possibly also with shortcut shift-delete.

* Tagging- i know this request is not new,  I've recently tried Juk from
KDE (http://www.slackorama.net/cgi-bin/content.pl?juk) which has evolved
from a tag editor to something similar to rhythmbox. It includes a nice
tag editor interface including a very good 'guess-from-filename' function.
They also have some musicbrainz integration, it doesn't do any more than
displaying 'generating TRM' in my build, though. I like their solution for
the interface (supports tagging multiple files at once, not a dialog
box,...). I haven't seen screenshots of it, but i could do some if there's
interest. Maybe it would be possible to use some of their tagging code in

Thanks again for a great app!



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