[Rhythmbox-devel] A Christmas wish-list

A couple of suggestions, if I may (based on RB 0.6.1)

1) A clear button next to the Search field.  Admittedly Ctrl-U is easy
enough to type but this is only convenient if you are about to type
something else into the field and have your hands on the keyboard.  If
you are mousing round, you have to go to the keyboard to get rid of an
unwanted search string. Incidentally, I am often annoyed by an obsolete
search string.  Perhaps the Search field should simply be cleared as a
side-effect of poking around the interface.  For instance, selection in
the Genre Artist or Album could clear the field.  Certainly it seems
that clicking one of the All's might clear the search field.  I don't
see a user scenario where one would want the search string to remain
after switching Genres.

2) Full-screen mode.  It would be nice to be able to turn my laptop into
a Rhythmbox appliance next to my stereo and have maximum screen

3) What is the deal with the local volume control?  Am I missing
something?  Last night I wanted to turn the volume up the max. I
had to raise the volume in three places, in RB, in PCM and the 
master volume.  Is this a gstreamer thing?  Could the volume
control on RB be wired to PCM or Master.  If there are aspirations
to play CDs it should probably be the Master volume.

4) I have mentioned this before and I keep wishing I had this.  If I am
listening in random mode, I occasionally come across some album or
artist that I would like to focus on.  It would be great to be able to
right mouse over the album or artist column in the track listing and
say "Narrow to ..".  This right mouse action could also be available
from the 'from' link or the 'by' link of the currently-playing song,
thereby saving the "Jump to Playing Song". The effect would be the same
as selecting the album in the album browser or the artist in the artist
browser, but those actions take a while to do manually.  

That aside, the love-affair with RB continues.


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