[Rhythmbox-devel] Popping sound at beginning of mp3s

Hi all,

I have been sent some mp3s by my friend, who I am fairly sure ripped 
them using iTunes on Mac, set to mp3 encoding. Aside from changing the 
default to mp3 from AAC and upping the bitrate, I think the rest of the 
settings were left at their default values.

However, I have problems with them on my PC. I have tried them on four 
different players, with the following results:

mplayer: plays the track fine
xmms   : also fine
Totem w/Xine : weird popping noise for first second of track
Rhythmbox: weird noise, crashes

The same thing happens with
gst-launch-0.6 filesrc location=music/12\ Ray.mp3 ! mad ! osssink
as happens with Rhythmbox.

I've uploaded a sample mp3 to http://www.dx13.co.uk/aimee/12%20Ray.mp3

I have a feeling the track only has id3v2 data if that could be causing 
the problem.

     Mike                     zines@dx13.co.uk | www.dx13.co.uk

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